Hyundai motor reputation once again acknowledged by interbrand

39th place in Interbrand’s annual global value rankings

Hyundai Motor is the world’s 39th biggest brand according to new results just published by global brand specialists Interbrand.

Recording an 8.5% growth in brand value since last year to $11.3bn, the Korean company is also the automotive industry’s seventh largest brand. Over the past decade Hyundai Motor has grown its value by more than $7bn, rising 36 places to sit among some of the biggest names on the planet.

Embarking on an intensive period of change, fuelled by inventive and emotional brand marketing, Hyundai Motor has boosted significantly its brand awareness with customers. Creating an enhanced profile across the areas of culture, sport, corporate social responsibility and through its new, high quality products, Hyundai Motor has advanced its caring outlook to connect with customers around the world.

Acknowledging the achievement, Mike Rocha, Global Brand Valuation Director, Interbrand said, “Despite a hyper-competitive environment, Hyundai has managed to enhance its global presence through a remarkable refinement of its products and brand spaces. Hyundai Motor’s continuous commitment to providing an extraordinary customer experience at every opportunity is helping to position the global carmaker as a truly differentiated brand in many markets across the globe.”

Won Hong Cho, Chief Marketing Officer, Hyundai Motor said, “In 2015, our Modern Premium brand direction has become more visible, and even more exciting initiatives are soon to follow. Looking into the future, we see ourselves playing a central role in redefining mobility and shaping it with humanity at heart. To get there, we pledge to become a truly caring company, not just one people like for the cars it makes, but one that is beloved for what it stands for.”

Focusing on ultimate customer satisfaction through a caring approach, Hyundai Motor has recently digitalised its sales process and is exploring new ways to interact with customers to become a valued partner in their lives. Its design-driven, premium quality vehicles reflect the brand’s Modern Premium direction, while a new Global Dealer Space Identity ensures the brand experience is maximised at every stage in the customer journey.


Hyundai Motor rankings over past decade (Interbrand):

Year Overall ranking Brand value ($bn)
2015 39 11.3
2014 40 10.4
2013 43 9.0
2012 53 7.5
2011 61 6.0
2010 65 5.0
2009 69 4.6
2008 72 4.8
2007 72 4.5
2006 75 4.1


2015 automotive top 10

Year Company Brand value ($bn)
1 Toyota 49.0
2 BMW 37.2
3 Mercedes-Benz 36.7
4 Honda 22.9
5 VW 12.5
6 Ford 11.5
7 Hyundai 11.3
8 Audi 10.3
9 Nissan 9.0
10 Porsche 8.0

Interbrand’s rankings are calculated using companies’ financial balance sheets combined with marketing activities, while also reflecting each brand’s potential profit.