About US

Hyundai supported dealership that provides outstanding customer service whilst maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere.

Hyundai Motor was formed in 1981 and is today one of the top car maufacturers in the world. Its more recent growth as a brand of choice is owed to its New Thinking, New Possibilites slogan which encourages customers to think beyond and to aspire to new realities and better life aspirations, found also in the Hyundai brand.

In Malta, as in most of Europe, the Hyundai brand is enjoying a lot of unprecedented success especially after Hyundai re-invented itself with the new range of modern premium i-range models, which find their definition in the fluidic sculpture concept. Hyundai’s i-range seeks to deliver quality build, high-level design and the latest technology in all its models.

These are the qualities that have captured a leading share of the Maltese automotive market amidst the aggressive competition in the local market.